1. What is 3D Card / 3D Paper Custom?

It is an art of arranging properly layers to bring out depth, shape and texture from the original artwork. Layers are carefully cut by hand to ensure the exact details needed.
Besides, surface layers could be involved in embossing, coating and engraving to acquire the best visual for final work.

2. How do you make 3D Card?

I handmade the whole process from cutting parts, painting edges, embossing details to stacking all layers together.

3. What material do you use?

Mainly, my works are made from premium glossy paper. Resin, double-sided adhesive tape and magnet are used bond layers together.

4. How long does one 3D Card take to finish?

It depends on the complexity of the artwork and the number of details. The average processing time is about 10-14 hours for one 3D Card.
The summary of finished works is shown at the end of its video, you will see it for sure.



1. How do I pay 3D Card/place a pre-order?

Complete online shopping by filling your information as usual. I accept Paypal, Debit & Credit Card and Crypto.
(*) Your information have to be provided in full, not abbreviated.

2. Which countries can you ship to?

Right now, we can ship to most of the countries.
(*) If any shipping problem related to your countries, we will contact you for better solution.

3. How long will it take for my order to arrive? How much does shipping cost?

USA: It will take 8-12 business days and it costs 10 USD.
Other countries: It will take 14-20 business days and it costs 15 USD.
(*) Depending on transit conditions and customs clearance, please allow extra transit time for international shipment.

4. Can I use Crypto for payment?

Sure! You can transfer USDT via these network (BSC-BEP20, ETH-ERC-20, Polygon-ERC-20) to the address:
Once the transfer is completed, please send a screenshot of the Transaction ID to imbaart.com@gmail.com to confirm your order has been successfully placed.
(*)Having problems with Transaction ID, this article may help

5. I can't find a payment method for Crypto. Can you help me?

After filling your information, in the shipping tab; you will choose "Bank Transfer" in Payment section and finish with "Complete order".
(*) Currently, we are running a 10 USD discount on each Crypto transaction. You will make a subtraction of 10 USD from the Total on web and transfer us the remaining amount deducted.



1. How I get voucher?

You will receive voucher when:
.You complete voting form for the next 3D Card
.You share thoughts about your 3D Card on social media with #IMBAArt 
.You intend to collab with us to execute your idea. Contact us!

2. Can you handmade ___ into 3D Card?  

Sorry, we don't take personal card requests. You can vote with community on my voting form for the next 3D Card. No worry, your favorite card will be listed somehow.

3. I notice there are various prices for same type of work. What is the difference?

Glad you asked! The price is set according to the following criteria:
.The complexity of the artwork.
.Special customizations: out-of-frame, interactive space, replaceable parts.
.Additional feature: lighting, physical movement.

4. Really love your works! Any chance that you handmade my own card?

The commission fee will be much much higher. But if you really want it, contact us with the artwork. We will get back real soon.

5. Why your listings on E-commerce are higher than your listings official website?

True! E-commerce does apply tax and service fee once transaction completed so that’s why we increase our cost to cover it.

6. Can I change my shipping address?

Sorry, you can not. Please make sure the information provided at the checkout section is correct
(*) Your information have to be provided in full, not abbreviated.

7. What benefits will I get when I pay in Crypto?

Briefly, 10 USD off for now.


If you have any other questions, please contact us here for clarification <3